Risk Management Webinars

Risk Management  Webinars

ThinkstockPhotos-183926923.jpgThe Big "I" Professional Liability Program and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions periodically host free webinars on E&O related topics featuring some of the most knowledgeable sources in the industry.  Recordings and slide presentations of these are available here.  they are generally less than an hour in length and make the perfect learning tool to share with the entire agency staff.

In just 90 minutes, our panelists will steer attendees through the many hazards associated with buying, selling and merging an agency. Attendees will learn not only M&A essentials, but also some tax- and errors & omissions-related implications. The session will also highlight a few real-life examples of when bad claims happened to good agents in the aftermath of such a change.
Learn from panelists how to cover a catastrophic event, and effective strategies for insurance agents and brokers designed to reduce their agency's risk of catastrophic errors and omissions claims.
Your agency's website is your 'business card' to the world. Well managed, it can be the cornerstone of your operational and marketing strategy. If not, it can and will be used to strengthen a claimant's E&O case against you.
Can emerging exposures increase insurance sales? Yes. But they can also increase an agency's risk of E&O claims. Learn the tools that agents need to protect clients from exposures associated with marijuana, mold, cyber, drones--while protecting their agencies from the risk of E&O claims.
Liability from cyber-attacks is on the rise and the media is constantly reporting on companies being hacked, exposing protected personal information. As an insurance agent you collect, use, and store personally identifiable information on a daily basis and in doing so have exposure to both regulatory penalties and potential first and third party liability if you don’t appropriately secure customer information. Learn how to protect both yourself and your customer.
In a brief, one-hour webinar, panelists look under the hood at Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. Includes helpful risk management tips and some claims examples of how bad claims happened to good agents when placing auto coverage.
Understanding your agency's required standard of care when working with customers can lay the foundation for how your agency chooses to operate and allows the agency to make an informed decision on the level of service provided to customers. We hope the webinar inspired agency staff to think about the potential E&O exposures when servicing customers and highlighted the importance of meeting the commitments made to customers.
You're an independent agent in a digital world. You have a website. You use email. You post on social media. But do you want your messages getting blown up and used against you in court during an errors & omissions claim? Learn about the digital dangers lurking in an agency's marketing presence. Our panelists will explain how agents can use their website and social media presence to their advantage, while also revealing a few E&O dangers along the way.