newspapers.jpgIn this section is a collection of articles that touch on E&O related issues.  From stories of huge E&O claims to technical coverage topics, these articles tackle current areas of interest to agents.  


If You're a Lawyer...

Insurance agents and brokers should be wary of commercial insurance customers trying to impose unreasonable and potentially illegal heightened duties on them.... [+]

Smart Site Safety

Finding the balance between having a competitive, attractive socail media presence and preventing E&O claims. [+]

Crisis Management Coverage

Agencies from time to time will face significant incidents – from a disgruntled customer who turns to social media to damage your agency's reputation to an employee involved in a local scandal. As a result, the general public begins to take a different view of them and that could lead to a serious reputational problem. [+]

When Good Things Happen to Good Agents...Involving your claims department sooner rather than later

Contact your claims department at the first indication of a potential claim. [+]

Buying, Selling and Merging an Agency...Points to consider

Steps to follow when making a life and business changing decision regarding your agency. [+]

Crop Insurance Alert

This alert details some of the E&O risk management considerations agents have when working with their customers to place thier crop coverage. [+]

TRIA Update Agency E&O Considerations

The Big 'I' Professional Liability Program and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions are providing members with E&O risk management considerations relating to handling TRIA's expiration. [+]

2011 Catastrophes Alarm P-C Industry

As a new year begins after a catastrophe-plagued 2011, insurers are justifiably nervous. Numerous media reports cite difficult January reinsurance renewals as 2011 was a truly scary year. Worldwide losses reached their highest level ever at $105 billion; one-third, or about $36 billion, of the losses were stateside, where combined ratios at nine months were near 110%, according to the Insurance Information Institute. And no one knows what 2012 will bring. [+]

A Rejection Form, A Rejection Form, My Kingdom for a Rejection Form! Document and retain your rejections of coverage.

In his play 'Richard III', William Shakespeare relates the tale of King Richard III in which Richard is unhorsed on the battle field at the most crucial moment...This very famous story highlights how one asset can be the most important factor in determining the success or failure of a person, especially when timing is critical. For Richard, it was his horse. For you as an insurance agent, while not as noble or glamorous, it can be the coverage rejection form. While certainly an agent won't lose his life without this form, the financial impact can be devastating. And to the contrary, if such a form is in obtained, not only may it save the day, it may also be financially rewarding if you are insured by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. [+]

Relationship Between Agents Broker Defense and Claims Part I

This is an excerpt of a presentation by Sanford (Sandy) Goffstein, J.D. to E&O insurance professionals in May 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Goffstein has represented Missouri Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ insured insurance agents in errors and omissions matters for more than 30 years. A graduate of Washington University Law School, Mr. Goffstein, along with his partner, Lori R. Koch, and his law firm of Goffstein, Raskas, Pomerantz, Kraus & Sherman, LLC, are actively involved in protecting the interests of insurance agents in Missouri and southern Illinois. [+]

To Notary or Not to Notary

While being a notary public may seem relatively innocuous, an error committed while exercising ones duties can be quite significant, both monetarily and emotionally. [+]

Reacting to a Carrier Downgrade or a Carrier Assessment Decision

You placed the business in an approved market per your agency’s market selection process. In placing the business you informed your client of the available options with alternate markets, and if the policy was assessable, provided full details. In summary, you acted in a fully prudent manner by placing business in a market to protect both yourself from claim and your policyholder from financial loss. [+]

Avoiding Surety E&O Claims

Look at the common missteps that could lead to E&O claims that agents can make when handling surety bonds. Also provided are some ways to protect the agency, including some sound risk management procedures to follow. [+]

Claims Made Versus Claims Made and Reported Policies

When it comes to coverage provided, the differences between Claims Made policies and Claims Made and Reported policies are extremely significant. Professional liability policies for Insurance Professionals are typically written on one of these forms. It is critical to understand the two when purchasing professional liability insurance to protect yourself and your business. [+]

How a Claim is Made

Fans of the TV show “How It’s Made” enjoy watching how some of the most seemingly mundane objects in the industrialized world today are created. The show’s presentation of the steps and materials it takes to create objects as simple as a mirror or silk glove make us more appreciative of how easily these things are available to us. And yet the life cycle of any object is more than the sum of its parts; each step in the process of making those parts is a story of its own. [+]


Claims arising from misrepresentation can result from a misunderstanding by the policyholder concerning coverage, reporting requirements, perception issues, or their misinterpretation about what is written in a proposal or letter or verbally communicated to them. [+]

Legionnaires' of the Rich and Famous

After a party at the Playboy Mansion associated with a conference in Los Angeles, more than 150 people reported flu-like symptoms, some cases of which could be Legionnaires' disease or a milder form of the disease, Potomac Fever. Both conditions are caused by bacteria, and both cause significant insurance issues. [+]

Commercial General Liability Coverage: An E&O Challenge

Commercial General Liability (CGL) is the underling coverage involved in nearly 1 in 4 E&O claims made against agents... [+]

Negligent Referrals and You... Avoiding claims arising out of "Professional Services" rendered to others

Learn how you can protect your agency against claims arising out of 'professional services' rendered to others. [+]