About Us

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Welcome to The Big “I” Risk Management Website. E&O Happens offers exclusive risk management information and tools designed to help agency staff of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions policyholders avoid E&O claims and improve business practices.   Agency E&O risk management starts with creating a culture where staff understands that their actions really do make a difference, and can potentially prevent (or cause) the agency to be sued. We can help you develop this culture by providing access to:
  • Tools to use:  Tools that can help the agency on a daily basis including an agency E&O self-assessment, sample coverage checklists, sample disclaimers, file documentation and retention information, sample customer letters, and more.

  •  Claims Information:  The most frequent types of E&O claims, common errors and problems causing E&O claims, and practical real-life E&O case studies demonstrating how claims can be avoided. 
  • Articles, Content, and Podcasts:  E&O related articles on ways to avoid claims, including an archive of IA Magazine’s monthly “E&O Angle” articles and E&O Claims Advisor Newsletters, E&O quick tips for all positions in the agency, and podcasts on avoiding E&O claims from social media, certificates of insurance, natural catastrophes, and much more.