How Do I Report a Claim?

Swiss Re is the world’s leading (re)insurance carrier and is committed to helping IIABA members protect their assets and reputations. The Swiss Re Agents’ Professional Liability claims team realizes that when you are faced with a claim or a potential claim, it can be a traumatic event. That’s why we are dedicated to providing prompt, courteous and efficient claims handling from experienced claims professionals.​ 

Reporting A Claim

The Swiss Re insurance agents E&O policy requires that insureds report “claims” and/or “potential claims”.  A normal agency reaction is that the mere reporting of a claim or potential claim could result in an adverse underwriting action taken toward the agency. However, reporting a potential claim to the Swiss Re claims department does not automatically result in any underwriting action by the Swiss Re underwriters. Each claim/potential claim is reviewed on an individual basis by the underwriter to determine the facts and circumstances.  In fact, since the Swiss Re policy is a claims made policy, it is to the insured’s benefit to report any and all claims/potential claims to insure that they are timely reported within the policy period.

If no reserves or payments are applied to a claim, as a general rule no underwriting action will be taken. For the purposes of both the Loss Control Credit and the Claim-free Experience Credit, a claim is defined as an Errors and Omissions incident or situation for which any expense payment, any loss payment, or any loss reserve is made or established by or on behalf of the insured in excess of the following values (plus any applicable deductible) based on GAP size.



Food for Thought

Below are some things to think about should your agency be involved in a potential E&O claim:
  • Do not admit liability—to the insured or the insured’s insurance company
  • Be empathetic, but be careful what you say
  • Do not discuss the existence of an E&O policy with anyone—and don’t provide copies
  • Complete a claim reporting form and forward it to your E&O carrier or producing state association along with details of any conversation or correspondence you have received making a demand for damages
  • Do not offer to pay the claim yourself
  • Involve your E&O Improvement Specialist, or other appropriate agency personnel, and appoint a person who will be the agency’s sole point of contact for all matters related to the claim
  • Interview every person involved in the claim—and remember it’s not about the “who”, it’s about the what, when, where, and how
  • Have each person involved in the situation write a narrative describing the incident and check the customer’s file to determine the chronology of events
  • Forward all documentation to your E&O carrier
  • Cooperate fully with your E&O carrier

Our Goal: Quality Customer Service with Best-in-class Expertise

Swiss Re is committed to helping IIABA members protect their assets and reputations. The goal of the Swiss Re claim department is to give our insureds the highest quality customer service and best-in-class claims expertise. Their team of experienced claims professionals has deep practical expertise in the management of risk and are dedicated to helping you understand and manage your professional liability risk more effectively and working with you to prevent and mitigate lawsuits against you.

The Swiss Re claims team: organized to meet your needs

While we hope claims are rare, Swiss Re’s claims team is highly rated and includes experienced attorneys who understand the demands of running an agency and are experienced in handling professional liability claims. The team works in conjunction with an extensive panel of outside counsel. Within each team, individual members have primary and secondary responsibility for specific jurisdictions. Consequently, your claim will be handled by someone familiar not only with your state but also the law, procedure, and the attorneys who regularly represent the interests of our insureds. The claims team members average over fourteen years of relevant insurance industry experience and 70 percent of the team are licensed attorneys. Other members are trained paralegals or have worked in the insurance industry for many years prior to joining Swiss Re. Many on the team hold insurance industry designations including CPCU, RPLU and ACI.